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Posted by DrakeDNAngel - August 25th, 2015



Hey Guys I just remade the first Episode and tried to fix everything that was wrong with the first episode. Right now I'm gonna try and post all the episodes on Youtube after I finish posting all the episodes I made on Newgrounds. 

 I'll get started on working with Episode 5 when that's all done. One of the SWF Files for part 2 is affected it may be a virus so I'll take a look at it when I get a chance.

Sorry about the wait I've been busy with work. 

Posted by DrakeDNAngel - May 7th, 2015

Oh since you guys are waiting I also do some amv's for a hobby if you're a spongebob fan or mario fan these might interest you! 





Posted by DrakeDNAngel - May 1st, 2015

Sorry about the long wait everybody it's hard to tell how longe an episode in flash. After doing this for so long I think I learned that from now on if I make an episode and get around to 10-15 minutes i'll just find a good way to stop and just upload the next episode.

Thanks from watching everybody. 

Posted by DrakeDNAngel - December 28th, 2014

Hey guys Sorry about the huge delay but unfortunatley I don't think Episode 2 will be finished anytime this year.


I planned to do that, but I had so many programs that help me make the show open and one of the files crashed. I had to get on a big computer to try to retrive it, but I couldn't get any of it back. However I did save a version of the file on my flash drive, but it's not as far as I left off, so I'm having to do some of it again. It was so dissapointing because I had proofread everything and even in scenes that where kinda similar to other scenes I still tried my best to make the dialouge atleast stand on it's own. I'll do my best to take my time, but these situations really test your patience. I hope you all are still interested in where the series will go from here, but noticing all the nice feedback and constructive critisism I got from you guys it seems like you really want me to take my time on this and improve. I am so greatful and pleasenlty surprised by the fact that Newgrounds is just so welcoming to new artists, but also giving them helpful advice. I wish more websites where like that. It really helps me out alot and gives me motivation to keep going. Thank you all for being so supportive, and I hope Newgrounds keeps going strong for many years to come take care guys. :o) 

Posted by DrakeDNAngel - October 21st, 2014

Hey guys I'm almost done with the animation of this episode I'm starting to animate the climax of the episode. Then it's on to sound, and adding in some fight effects. Sora will finally meet up with Donald Goofy Mario and Luigi at Radiant Garden.

Posted by DrakeDNAngel - June 27th, 2014

Good news everyone! I have started working on episode 2 of Mushroom Kingdom Hearts. In this episode Mario and Luigi will be getting new outfits to help blend in with the Kingdom Hearts universe. Sora and Riku will be getting there Key blades back in this episode. There is a reason for why they didn't have there keyblades in the last episode, and it may have something to do with Mario and Luigi. Sora will meet up with Mario and Luigi at Radiant Garden where you'll interact with some familiar faces. Donald and Goofy will also be joining in on the journey as well. Sora Donald, Goofy, Mario and Luigi will all be on an adventure together. They will be the main cast of the series.

Posted by DrakeDNAngel - July 21st, 2013

Hi guys I'm Drake D.N. Angel . I've recently joined Newgrounds and I gotta say it's awesome! I really enjoy watching all the flash videos on here like Oney and Happy Harry Those videos always crack me up no matter what mood i'm in. I also Like Sprite movies Like Super Mario Bros Z and Mario Castle Calamity.

My Goal on here is to actually make a sprite series I actually have one in the works right now and making some good progress on it but I wouldn't say i'm close to being done. I love playing Video games mostly Wii/Gamecube stuff
I'm huge Super Mario nerd I like all his games especially Super Mario 64 and Super Mario sunshine. I also have a ps2 but mainly just for buying Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 :P.

I do enjoy watching anime like FMA, Wolf's Rain, Rave Master, just to name a few.

I like to draw i'm working on my iconic character based off my user name he's all drawn out just need to color him. I like to work on Photoshop and make cover art of stories i'm writing and if you want to see a couple of them now incase i haven't posted anything yet (sorry i just made this account today) there on my Deviantart page under the same name drakednangel.deviantart.com/ and i got some info on my sprite series but i don't have a whole ton of info because it's still in development, but i will post some things when i get a chance to. I'll keep you guys updated with more progress when i get around to it. Thanks so much Newgrounds and Tom Fulp for letting me join. :)