Entry #1

First day on Newgrounds

2013-07-21 12:53:41 by DrakeDNAngel

Hi guys I'm Drake D.N. Angel . I've recently joined Newgrounds and I gotta say it's awesome! I really enjoy watching all the flash videos on here like Oney and Happy Harry Those videos always crack me up no matter what mood i'm in. I also Like Sprite movies Like Super Mario Bros Z and Mario Castle Calamity.

My Goal on here is to actually make a sprite series I actually have one in the works right now and making some good progress on it but I wouldn't say i'm close to being done. I love playing Video games mostly Wii/Gamecube stuff
I'm huge Super Mario nerd I like all his games especially Super Mario 64 and Super Mario sunshine. I also have a ps2 but mainly just for buying Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 :P.

I do enjoy watching anime like FMA, Wolf's Rain, Rave Master, just to name a few.

I like to draw i'm working on my iconic character based off my user name he's all drawn out just need to color him. I like to work on Photoshop and make cover art of stories i'm writing and if you want to see a couple of them now incase i haven't posted anything yet (sorry i just made this account today) there on my Deviantart page under the same name drakednangel.deviantart.com/ and i got some info on my sprite series but i don't have a whole ton of info because it's still in development, but i will post some things when i get a chance to. I'll keep you guys updated with more progress when i get around to it. Thanks so much Newgrounds and Tom Fulp for letting me join. :)


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2014-03-30 21:23:37

Hey there. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I gave you a review on a preview that you submitted a while ago, and I decided to stop by and say hello. So, how's that series coming along?

DrakeDNAngel responds:

Hey man, so far so good, but oh gosh it's a long one, but I almost have all the animation done. I just need to add some sounds and effects in some spots. i'm working on the final fight at the end of the first episode it's gonna be one huge heartless battle. I want this episode to be shorter but there are so many scenes i really like that it feels like trying to figure out on which scenes to edit out is like pulling teeth. I saw your review and it was pretty fair and well constructive review when you said my animation was sloppy at times and I agree that was my mistake I just got a little impatient with working on this thing and i just wanted to get it off my chest so i kinda rushed through the trailer at parts. Some animators on here say you shouldn't analyze too much on what your doing and just kinda go for it at least when your starting out, but the problem with that trailer is that i didn't analyze enough which explains how sloppy it is and I wasn't really sure on how classic tween worked I watched tutorial on how to use it but I didn't watch it enough times to figure it out enough where i was like "Okay got it," so after reading your review i was thinking "What was i thinking?" and i think i didn't really have tweens down on how they really work i didn't ease in on the first frame and eased out on the last frame of the animation which was the problem. I figured that out after i watched a tutorial made by OneyNG on how tweening works and immediately thought "Man If I did this in the trailer it would've probably been a lot smoother.." But oh well I'll try my best to do better next time. Especially with this first episode i'm definitely trying my best to make this be a lot smoother now that i'm looking back on this video I'm already seeing my animation skills improving I'm so glad you told me about the animation and text this time i'm really gonna look it over this time and not rush. thanks again for the feedback take care. :)