Mushroom Kingdom Hearts episode 2 in the works.

2014-06-27 22:17:58 by DrakeDNAngel

Good news everyone! I have started working on episode 2 of Mushroom Kingdom Hearts. In this episode Mario and Luigi will be getting new outfits to help blend in with the Kingdom Hearts universe. Sora and Riku will be getting there Key blades back in this episode. There is a reason for why they didn't have there keyblades in the last episode, and it may have something to do with Mario and Luigi. Sora will meet up with Mario and Luigi at Radiant Garden where you'll interact with some familiar faces. Donald and Goofy will also be joining in on the journey as well. Sora Donald, Goofy, Mario and Luigi will all be on an adventure together. They will be the main cast of the series.


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