Running into difficulties with ep. 2

2014-12-28 10:24:23 by DrakeDNAngel

Hey guys Sorry about the huge delay but unfortunatley I don't think Episode 2 will be finished anytime this year.


I planned to do that, but I had so many programs that help me make the show open and one of the files crashed. I had to get on a big computer to try to retrive it, but I couldn't get any of it back. However I did save a version of the file on my flash drive, but it's not as far as I left off, so I'm having to do some of it again. It was so dissapointing because I had proofread everything and even in scenes that where kinda similar to other scenes I still tried my best to make the dialouge atleast stand on it's own. I'll do my best to take my time, but these situations really test your patience. I hope you all are still interested in where the series will go from here, but noticing all the nice feedback and constructive critisism I got from you guys it seems like you really want me to take my time on this and improve. I am so greatful and pleasenlty surprised by the fact that Newgrounds is just so welcoming to new artists, but also giving them helpful advice. I wish more websites where like that. It really helps me out alot and gives me motivation to keep going. Thank you all for being so supportive, and I hope Newgrounds keeps going strong for many years to come take care guys. :o) 


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